About Natty's

We are Natty’s Jerk, a community-led Jamaican food experience feeding hungry bellies along the South Coast, UK.

We call it a food experience because it’s about SO much more than the food on your plate. We’re here to share the tastes, stories and culture of the Caribbean with you, your dad and anyone else we can get our hands on.

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The Story of Natty's

Tek Time

When we started out in 2017, we were cheffing up from the courtesy of our home in Portsmouth. It was all great fun and games until customers started showing up to our house for food collections… From there, we took a leap of faith, and a few box meals later, we had our very own market stall on Commercial Road. This was big for us. It was the first time we could connect with the community on a 1:1 basis and actually see customers fall in love after that first bite.

Naturally, the food did it’s job, and as word spread, our small gazebo became a local sensation, bringing people together over plates of smoky and spicy delights.

Spicing Up the Community

Since 2017, our "fambily" has been serving up a modern twist on Jamaican cuisine and the community has been our rock.

Head down to our Shack in Portsmouth to experience where it all began, or let us transport you to J.A with the atmosphere and rich flavours of Natty's at the Hilton Bournemouth. We can't wait for you to try!

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Spicing Up the Community: Our Heart and Soul

At Natty’s Jerk Shack, our heart beats to the rhythm of community spirit. It’s not just about serving food; it’s about creating a space where culture, passion, and togetherness blend seamlessly. We’ve embarked on a mission to not only introduce the UK to the authentic taste of the Caribbean but also to foster a sense of community. From hosting local events and cultural festivals to participating in charity drives, we believe in giving back and growing together.

"Food is the heartbeat of culture, and at Natty's Jerk Shack, we don't just cook; we tell stories and bring people together. Our journey is a testament to the power of sharing and unity through the universal language of taste."
Natty C
Natty's Founder

Our Values

Our journey is more than a culinary venture; it’s a commitment to enriching lives, one jerk-spiced dish at a time. Join us at Natty’s, where every meal is a celebration of community, culture, and the unifying power of delicious food.

Authentic Caribbean Roots

Deeply rooted in traditional Caribbean flavors, bringing authentic jerk seasoning to every dish.

Community & Togetherness

Fostering a sense of community, celebrating diversity and unity through our shared love for food.

Quality Ingredients Always

Committed to the highest quality, sourcing fresh, ethically-produced ingredients for an unmatched taste.

Innovative Culinary Experience

Constantly innovating, blending traditional techniques with modern twists to create unforgettable culinary experiences.

Sustainable Practices Embraced

Dedicated to sustainability, reducing our environmental footprint while enhancing the dining experience.

Joyful Dining Ambiance

Creating a vibrant, joyful atmosphere that turns every meal into a festive Caribbean celebration.

Join Team Natty's

Are you passionate about vibrant flavors and creating unforgettable dining experiences? Join Team Natty! We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic, dedicated individuals who share our love for authentic Caribbean cuisine and community spirit. If you’re ready to spice up your career and be part of a dynamic team, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch and let’s embark on this flavorful journey together!